Let’s Go Dive!

While it can be great fun to get away on a trip for some diving, nothing beats the convenience and availability of local diving. I get to dive most weekends in our local quarries.

Local Quarry

This local quarry is less than a mile from JT Scuba as the crow flies and only 1.7 miles by road.

We do most of our Open Water training dives here due to the convenient location and the lack of any entry fees.

This quarry has a max depth of 38′, and with 3 entry locations and rope lines connecting many of the attractions, it is a great local place to dive and practice our skills.

Whitestar Quarry

White Star Quarry is a 15 acre man made lake with an average depth of 40’ with the center of the quarry approaching 50′.

There are two “holes,” one near the wall close to the main diving entrance and the other at the bottom of a stone crusher that are 60’ and 80’ respectively. This lets us use this as a location for the Advanced Open Water Deep Dive.

Gilboa Quarry

Boasting spring fed clear waters, a wide variety of fishes, and a host of underwater attractions – Gilboa Quarry has been serving the SCUBA diving community for over 30 years. With max depths sitting at 60ft on the shallow side and 140ft on the deep, Gilboa has long been the perfect location for both novice and technical divers to practice their skills.